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14" Mooneyes Logo Metal Sign

14" Mooneyes Logo Metal Sign

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Direct from MOONEYES in Santa Fe Springs, California

14" Mooneyes Logo Metal Sign

This is a Genuine Mooneyes Authentic Product sold by and shipped from MOONEYES.

Perfect for the home garage or business, the sign is brand new, made of steel and setup with four rivet mounting holes. There are two (2) types available. One is the standard clean logo and the other is a "distressed" look with worn paint, rust etc. It's part of the print and not patina.

The sign is flat with a diameter of 14" and will make a great addition to any wall. Mooneyes has been around since the 1950s and the famous logo is a must have for any car and motorcycle enthusiast.

This is an authentic and original Mooneyes product.
Be sure you are getting the real thing, get it direct from the source!

Details and specifics:
14" diameter
Steel construction
One rivet mount hole at the top center edge
Made in USA
Genuine MOON product
Brand New (2016)

MG723SS Small Standard Logo
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