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Flathead Intake Manifold 2x2 on 1x2 Polished

Flathead Intake Manifold 2x2 on 1x2 Polished

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Flathead Intake Manifold 2x2 on 1x2 Polished

Polished to a show quality shine, this highly accurate reproduction of the sought after Ansen intake manifold had not been available for decades. Available now, this beautiful cast aluminum "slingshot" mounts two, 2 barrel carburetors to your existing one carb manifold and has been long desired for its distinct looks and enhanced efficiency.

Mounts two carburators side by side, so both can get a clean bite of air. Other set ups place one carb behind another (inline), which creates turbulence and unequal air flow to the rear one.

This unusual side by side piece of art is an easy and unique way to add a new level of coolness to your engine. If you are currently running a 2 or 3 carb manifold, you can add additional Slingshots to create a really wild 4 or 6 carb setup!

The Slingshot is only 3.5" high and 9.5" wide and weighs only 2 lbs. No cast iron here to bog you down off the line.

Part No.: GHR6175

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