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Rodder’s Journal Number Thirty Five

Rodder’s Journal Number Thirty Five

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Published for the Custom Car and Hot Rod Enthusiast.

This issue includes: Swedish Deuce Roadster proves too much is just enough; The Nisei Racers – Japanese American hot rodder before and after World War II; Hot Rod Reunion – Cacklefest and more in Bakersfield and Bowling Green; Barney Navarro – His Life Story, his roadster, and his parts reborn; Rockin’ Down the Highway – Excerpts from Paul Grushkin’s examination of music and cars; Colorized early hot rods from Rik Hoving; Mrs. Z’s Vicky – A simply elegant 1933 Ford; Eric Clapton and Roy Brizio build a 1932 Ford Victoria; Hot Rod Lot – Mysterious pictures are a slice of Rodding’s past; AMBR and Bonneville record roadsters from St. Louis, Missouri; Rookie metal shapers craft an aluminum 1940 Willys body; plus more fantastic Rodder’s Journal editorial.

Good Condition - slightly used

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