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Rodder’s Journal Number Thirty-Nine

Rodder’s Journal Number Thirty-Nine

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This Issue Includes: The Ayala Story – Part 1; The Ohio Look – Hot Rods that influenced a nation; Gary Harstock photo collection from West Coast cars shows of the ’60s; Brian Sorensen’s ’34 three-window coupe feature; The Mondello and Matsubara AA/FA feature; Jim Wilkerson’s ’60 Pontiac ’58 Chevy, and ’59 Chevy features; The Birth of Drag Racing – An excerpt from Tom Madigan’s recent book; The Rodders’ Journal Roadster goes to Louisville and back; Walter Veljacic’s ’46 Ford sedan feature; Lance Sorchik’s Hot Rod art; plus more fantastic Rodder’s Journal editorial.

Brand New in plastic.

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