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White Walls - White Wide Type

White Walls - White Wide Type

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White Wall Toppers, Port-O-Walls and White Ribbons, there are several names depending on who you know. One thing for sure is that these are so simple to install and it will change the entire look of your ride.

You don't need to buy white wall tires when you have a simple alternative such as these; and we all know how costly WW tires can be. The secret of our Port-O-Walls are the inside edge that's pinched between your existing tire wall and the lip/rim of your wheel (tire bead).

When they wear out from age or "curb-riding", simply buy a replacement. Price is per white wall.

White Wall Toppers come in standard "wide" white wall or white ribbon "skinny" types. We also carry motorcycle sizes in for a variety of applications (see our motorcycle category).

White Wall Type Sizes (inches)
Please select the appropriate wheel size and white wall width carefully:

Product Code - Size
WW1210AUEA - 10" x 1.2"
WW1212AUEA - 12" x 1.5"
WW1213AUEA - 13" x 1.8"
WW1214AUEA - 14" x 1.8"
WW1215AUEA - 15" x 1.8"
WW1253AUEA - 15" x 3.0"
WW1216AUEA - 16" x 2.0"
WW1263AUEA - 16" x 3.0"
WW1217AUEA - 17" x 1.4"
WW1218AUEA 18" x 1-1/8"

WW1220AUEA 20" x 1-1/8"

Please note the 15 and 16-inch sizes have two types.

IMPORTANT: This item has not changed since it went on the market, before radial tires became the standard so they are technically made for bias tires which generally have a hard and taller "wall" to work with.
Our most commonly sold White Wall is 15" x 3.0" and these are successfully used on at least 75 series tires. Will not work on low profile tires. Skinny Ribbons for 15" tires need at least 60 series tires.

Height (or thickness) of White Wall varies depending on tire size.

Price is per white wall. This item is not sold in sets.

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